Michigan beaches and Saugatuck


One great aspect about living so close to one of the great lakes, is the extensive coast line that has so many lovely beaches. We’ve visited quite a few different ones now, and I’m always surprised at how pretty they are, and how much they feel like visiting the ocean. We took some time to drive north and explore some more areas of the lake. We had met some random German bagpipe players in the pub a few weeks ago who had recommended we visit Saugatuck on a sunny day before the tourists arrived.

Saugatuck is a very cute little town, that reminds me a lot of some English coastal towns. All be it a bit sunnier! The town sits on an outlet into the lake, and has a secluded harbour with lots of boats. Along the pier are several pubs and bars with beer gardens, and a sprawling main street with lots of tourist shops and ice cream parlours. We resisted going to the fudge shop and instead found another frozen yoghurt shop.

We enjoyed browsing the tourist shops that had lots of neon clothing, fishing gear, and lots of items decorated with sea shells. I can imagine it gets incredibly crowded here in the summer. If you have plenty of time there is a little ferry that takes you across to a sandy beach and a swimming area. This so far is one of my favourite beach towns, yes its a little touristy, but thats part of the charm, in fact the only thing I couldn’t find was a fish and chip shop!





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