The good bits #9


Goodness sometimes it does feel like I just need a few moments to stop and breath, and then other times its like life has paused momentarily. This month the pace of life has been picking up and its been fairly busy. I’ve been doing some work at a residential school, we’ve been busy planning the summer and are looking forward to heading home for a few weeks in July for a friends wedding. We will also soon be celebrating our own wedding anniversary and reflecting on the past year. May has been a blur of exploring the local area, eating ice cream and living life. We are feeling a lot more setted after nine months in the US but are looking forward to catching up with old faces.

I learnt some new things, including how to identify different constellations and viewing Jupiter and his moons through a  telescope. I’ve been brushing up on my sewing skills, and enjoying some time to be creative.

We had some time at Easter to get away to the Mountains, we’ve missed them! We got to walk briefly along the Appalachian trail and had fun trying to spot some bears. We were highly amused by the blinding lights of the nearby towns, and ate lots of cheese fondue. We took some time to visit the worlds largest caves, and learned more about different type of rock formations. We visited another local beach and park and spent some time in the sun.

We found a whole variety of different pies and learnt about some local traditions at Amish acres, whilst visiting some local towns for a maple syrup festival and a tulip festival complete with the first fireworks of the year! We also visited Michigan’s longest, oldest covered bridge and spent some time at the Zoo!

We will be celebrating Memorial weekend and enjoying sunnier days, paddle boarding, kayaking and more adventures.


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