Amish Acres


We have slowly been working our way through our winter things to do list. So far we have managed to cross off quite a few things and enjoyed some local sights, activities and fun things. Last weekend we took a trip to Amish Acres. Here in the Mid-west, Michiana area there is a large population of Amish. Amish Acres is a tourist attraction that celebrates and educates the Amish way of life, it is believed to be situated on one of the original farms. There is a complete mock up of an Amish community, with authentic buildings sourced from around the area. A school house, different aspects of community living and the big red barn.

We visited to sample some of the local food, which we had heard is extremely tasty. It took us a while to find, as we kept missing the sign post of when to turn in Nappanee, but this did mean we drove around some of the countryside and saw some actual Amish communities. Once we found it we had a look around the mock up village, and around the store selling all kinds of goods, such as bonnets, baked goods, pickled everything and preserves. I particularly enjoyed the cheese market and ice cream although they were closed :-( I’ll have to pop back at some point for the cheese.

We had a three course dinner, this started off with soup, bread and pickles, the bread was extremely tasty – I find it difficult to find fresh bread here, as a lot of the bread is quite sweet. We then choose chicken and ham, which came with lots of trimmings. It was a bit like having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner We followed this with some PIE! There were lots of pies to choose from and they all looked amazing. We settled for a traditional blueberry pie, and a coconut cream one. Needless to say we struggled to eat everything and were extremely full afterwards! We finished our weekend with a few games at the local bowling alley – where it was glow in the dark night!








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