Make, sewing and making classes


On a recent rainy weekend, which has been a relief after a few weeks of sunshine, I found a local Make space through twitter. Make spaces have been growing in popularity over the years with trends in knitting, crochet and baking. I like the idea behind Make spaces, they include different workshops and classes to teach the community new skills and are spaces to bring together local artists.

I was exited to find a creative outlet and even more exited to focus on my sewing skills. I signed up to a sewing 101 class. In recent years I can just about get by, I understand the basics of a sewing machine, I can thread the machine, and eventually catch the bobbin, I can sew in a straight line and follow a basic pattern. But that’s abut the extent of my knowledge. I signed up for a class to learn how to construct a canvas bag.

The Make space features different workshops and items created by local artists. I enjoyed a merry few hours browsing and learning to sew. I discovered more about how the machine works, and different stitches to use. Once I completed my bag I had a go at bock printing to decorate it. I didn’t really have any final vision so I played around and ended up with a pretty strawberry print and a passable bag.

If you are feeling crafty then check out your local Make space, they often have a range of classes, in 3d printing, sewing, jewellery making, as well as working with a range of materials they also have workshop space if you just want to tinker away for a day and not buy lot of equipment, as well as regular meet ups if you are looking for some like minded people.






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