Holland tulip festival – tulip time 2015


A little while back I was reading up on some of the local food festivals that happen across the year, and I read about Holland Tulip festival. I immediately wanted to go and made a mental note to look into it closer to the time. The tulip festival promised a big fair, lots of tulips, Dutch activities and some fireworks. Tulip time is set in the historic Dutch area in Holland, a small town just off Lake Michigan.

I was intrigued by the concept of a Dutch town, and I really like tulips and fireworks, so for me this was pretty exciting. The festival itself runs for a week or so, we visited on the opening weekend as I really wanted to see the fireworks as bonfire night isn’t a celebration here. The weekend was sunny, and a roasting 30 degrees which was awesome. We drove up along the ‘coast’ and stopped at a few beaches before finding Holland. The bizarre aspect is that most of Holland is a standard American town, that looks a little industrial. Then suddenly in the middle is a little Dutch area. The main street is very quaint, with lots of shops and crowds of people.

The main park houses rows of tulips – the streets around the area were also lined with tulips, and the park held a large festival with an assortment of stalls. The stalls sold lots of woodwork, textiles, fudge and popcorn. We enjoyed some fresh lemonade and some local cherry pie. Around quarter past every hour there was a little performance of clog dancing, I always thought clogs were fairly impractical and uncomfortable to walk in, but lots of people carried on walking around in their clogs after their performance. We enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and walking around the festival before heading over to another park to get comfy before sunset.

Just before sunset a large barge appeared on the river that held all the fireworks, the display got going and was far more impressive than I was expecting. It attracted large crowds with many people ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’. We saw several people who had brought their own hammocks and were chilling out in the trees watching the sky light up. I may have to hunt one down, now summer is on its way there seems to be quite a lot of fireworks around, much to my delight!








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