Grand Mere state park


At a recent BBQ – yes we had two weeks of lovely weather so some Greek friends had a BBQ, with some amazing lamb, ice cream and lemon pie. Its now gotten a little chilly in the last few days with some brief thunderstorms and snow showers, but the warm weather is just around the corner. Everything is now really green, the trees are blossoming and spring flowers are everywhere. We’ve even spotted turtles several times much to Kiwi’s utter delight! To make the best of this good weather we figured we should go to the beach!

We are a short drive from Lake Michigan which has a lot of beaches along its shoreline. We will be spending the warmer months exploring them all. Our Greek friends recommended taking a trip up to Grand Mere state park, where you can walk through the park to the beach. The beach isn’t accessible by car so it feels really secluded and is a lovely quiet spot. We found the park, which still puzzles me, I guess for me when I think of a park I expect to see some trees, and lots of green grassy areas, maybe a river or lake and lots of walking. State parks in the US offer lots of walking but they tend to be more nature reserves with the land left to do it own thing, this almost always seems to be a wood. So not many picnic spots, and you could still here the motorway , sorry interstate.

We trooped through the park an found our way up and along some sand dunes, these lead to a lovely beach. The lake is so huge it looks like the sea, it even has small waves and the sandy beach makes it more seem like the sea. Even on a clear day you cant see much past the horizan other than water. We had a little walk along the beach and enjoyed some time sitting in the sun and reading. This was more of a wild beach – so no ice cream shops but that was ok. Its alot breezier along the shore edge, which felt a little chilly after a while but will be extremely refreshing once the heat hits. We will be taking a picnic and exploring more of the beaches and small lakeside towns soon.



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