The good bits #8


8 whole months of living in the USA!!! DONE!!!! And we have survived winter! I still regularly pinch myself because I forget for a moment where I am. Everyday I learn new things, such as that in the US ‘tinned’ as in tinned tomatoes isn’t a common phrase, its canned. I tried my first rise n roll and thought I may have had a sugar OD. There are no ceiling lights so if I wish I can practice indoor handstands. We have daffodils and tulips sprouting left right and centre, and the evenings are long.

I’ve taken some time to think about how it feels and great advice I would give myself on relocating. Making the most of opportunities we have been enjoying busy weekends visiting the Studebaker trees, country parks, sugar houses and some chilled weekends with the furries. We’ve eaten wayyyyy too much ice cream, but it’s been tasty, especially at a retro diner.

I’ve been making Hot Cross buns as Easter can’t happen without these. I’ve tried my hand at Key lime pie and tried some quintessential American snacks. For May I will be on the hut for different types of Pie! We celebrated Easter with a road trip to the South, complete with Mountains, a full size replica, country music and of course some Lindt Easter bunnies. We also took part in an American pastime of playing brackets for March Madness!

For the start of spring I created a ‘capsule’ spring wardrobe and organised some items to wear just for the next three months. So far its going well. I’ve been practising my photography, and still enjoying posting a picture a day.


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