The Appalachian Trail


On our recent trip to The South, one of our top destinations was to visit the Smokey Mountains, which the Appalachian trail runs though. The Appalachians are a collection of mountain ranges and park that run along the country and have the highest points in the East of the country. We travelled down to Nashville and enjoyed our road trip across to the Smokies. It was refreshing to see mountains again, as opposed to flat corn fields.

The Smokies have lots of old forest and plenty of walking trails. We enjoyed having a short wonder along the Appalachian trail, and were keen to spot some bears. The bears roam freely in this state park, sadly we didn’t spot any on our visit, despite looking out for some. We took the auto tour around Cades Cove, one of the most popular destinations in the park, we had read we might spot, bear, elk and enjoy a natural beauty spot. The thought of beautiful nature, and an auto tour don’t quite seem to add up to me, and we weren’t too thrilled with the auto trail. we saw some deer, and lots of grass.

We did however love the waterfalls, trees and natural beauty of the park in general. we were lucky to visit on a very clear day and were able to get a pretty good view, rather than the hazy normally seen, hence the name. We visited Cliffmang’s dome, which is the third highest point in the Smokies and gives beautiful views. you actually drive most the way up, and then walk up a rather steep hill. The Appalachian trail winds ins way long and around the trial. Once you get to the top the views are impressive, and the viewing tower – a large winding concrete tower looks interesting amongst the firs. This is definitely worth a visit, as are some of the walking trails.

We had a great tie visiting the mountains, and an interesting time in some of the nearby towns! Mostly it was great visiting the Appalachian trial, and a great destination for our road trip.







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