Road trip to ‘Athens of the South’


Over the Easter Weekend Kiwi and I took advantage of the nice weather and the long weekend to travel to the south and spend some time in other places soaking up the culture. Our trip started off heading to Nashville, the home of country music. As we ventured south we went past the ‘worlds largest ball of paint’ I’m not even going to start again on the worlds largest thing around here… the corn hasn’t grow yet, so the fields were fairly sparse with the grass fighting to regrow having been burred under a lot of snow. We drove for what felt like a very long time we crossed the Ohio river and arrived in Kentucky, stopping in Louisville for some lovely stone cooked pizza and shrub. Shrub is an old school type of pop with a fruit flavour and vinegar base. Yep, you read that right, vinegar! I tried some, hated it and am completely ok with feeling vinegar is only acceptable to eat on crisps, fish and chips and to be used as a cleaning product.

Further through Kentucky we enjoyed listening to some audio books- I’ve never seen such a fine collection of modern tales that were in our local library, Kiwi thought I was mad, but after several hours of listening to annoying radio stations and turning on the first tape sorry cd, he was hooked! This is a fantastic way to whittle away the long hours of driving.

As we reached the Tennessee boarder we heard several warnings come over the radio for TORNADOES. This was hugely exciting, the warnings crackled over long range in a monotone slow voice. We couldn’t wait to see a tornado. We then thought about this for a bit and realised it might be best if we didn’t see one. As we approached Nashville the sky had darkened, the rain poured and the traffic slowed, it felt like being stuck on the M25 again. We realised we were in prime location for tornado alley and just at the right time of year. Since then we’ve had a few warnings, but thankfully any tornadoes have been at least an hour away.

Nashville is awesome, there’s country music everywhere and pretty buildings. We walked along the river and had to go see the main tourist area, we visited music row and ventured down Broadway. startled at the dazzling lights. We popped into a couple of bars and sweet shops that were next to each other and enjoyed the mass of cowboy hats, leather, denim and boots that greeted us. We also wondered into some of the less touristy areas which were much calmer and funkier.

The next morning we stopped off at Centennial park to visit the Parthenon. When you are in Rome… and all that. For some inexplicable reason Nashville has a full sized replica of the Parthenon in the middle of a park, made of concrete. In looks lovely and it provides a fun photo backdrop, but is completely random. This as it turned out was a fairly reoccurring theme of our trip. We enjoyed the spring blossom and then headed East.





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