Moggys new toys


The kitties have been a little spoilt as of late in a bid to keep them entertained whilst being held captive inside we have built them their very own shelving unit, having once witnessed Rua jump of the balcony in horror! We decided to implement some Kitty stairs. Inspired by some of the great cat items at CatastrophiCreations, we pumped for a simple creation. After venturing to the home depot!! we found some wooden shelves and brackets. Kiwi spent several hours testing out the tapping technique to locate where to put the shelves on the walls so they would sit comfortably in the wooden tacks I meanwhile set about painting the shelves in non toxic white paint, and covering them with different material.

We spent a long time in Hobby Lobby admiring the range of fabrics, and eventually settled on three that were complimentary colours and textures we thought the moggies would enjoy. The surprise favourite turned out to be Hessian cloth, followed by a nice fleecy material. Since they spend most of their time asleep on the chair, bed or rugs in the house we figured anything squashy would be met with approval. The Hessian fabric has the added benefit as doubling up as a satisfying scratching board too.

Once the shelves were prettified kiwi mounted them on the wall. Rua took some persuasion to decide these shelves were for her, but once she had ventured up once and back down thought they were awesome. She now happily trots up an down and prefers to sleep either on the middle or top shelf to view what everyone is doing below her. Indy prefers to climb up things rather than jump so will often use the shelves to climb down from the balcony, but still prefers to run up the stairs. Some days when they are feeling extra energetic they like to play chase and have a circuit of hoping up the stairs, around the balcony down the shelves and back around the front room. Often though if they aren’t snuggled up on the sofa or on the bottom of the bed they will be snoozing together on one of the shelves.

To add to their snack collection we have been unsuccessfully growing cat grass. You see every time we purchase a pineapple Rua finds it and eats all the leaves. Yeah she is weird. Now although pineapple leaves aren’t toxic to cats we figured she maybe missed eating plants. Turns out shes a bit of a green cat. So the wonderful internet showed me many examples of indoor cat grass. We even found cat seed in the supermarket! The bathroom now has various plants each in different stages of dying. Rua in particular LOVES a box, and so every time she sees the tray for growing grass wants to sit in it. The grass in a bag you can get seems to work much better. Now the grass has started sprouting she’s taken even more interest and loves to eat the new shoots. Indy doesn’t understand grass, he has been watching Rua and copying her, pulling up random strands of grass and playing with them, he isn’t too sure what he is meant to do with it yet. They seem really content with their grass, my hope is one day a small pot can live on the cat shelves. Then in crazy cat lady world I may start to investigate walking them – yeah that’s right you can walk a cat! I met someone walking hers in Chicago! It’s given me all sorts of ideas, either that or I need to find a small ranch with a massive garden for them.




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