American snacks


Its true, snacks here aren’t exactly snack size…

We’ve been working our way through some of the ones we don’t really know, so far the crisps sorry ‘chips’ offer a whole variety of flavours, we like the mixed bags as then you get several types in one. Pretzels also seem popular, they have different stuff inside them, and there are lots of coated ones too, yoghurt and chocolate. We also had to try an iconic American snack… the humble corn stick, along with some other strange delights we’ve spotted out and about.

Corn dogs are essentially a ‘hot dog on a stick’ except the bread part, is slightly sweet and I assume made of corn, and similar to corn muffins. I guess they are then baked or fried. These are pretty much everywhere and are popular snacks at the movies. We finally got around to trying one, slightly strange but pretty tasty!

The standard bars of chocolate sorry ‘candy’ are massive, they remind me of Yorkies, and that old advert about big enough for men or something. Well the bars here are all super size, actually king size, but my favourites are sadly not around – I’m talking, Twirls, Flakes, Crunchie, Caramac, mostly Cadburys, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for Dime bars. Occasionally a bounty will pop up in the British aisle, and there are malt balls which are awesome! The kitkats are massive and I actually struggle to eat a whole one.

Beef Jerkey – its everywhere! I don’t get it. its in supermarkets, gas stations, everywhere. There seems to be different types, so far I’ve not been brave enough to try them, but I probably should. There are also lots of pork rinds which smelt too bad I didn’t try them either! Kiwi enjoyed them though.

Peanut butter everything. Actually everything. Candy bars each have a peanut butter variation, now If I liked peanut butter this could be a good thing, but I don’t, I really really don’t. I even tried some ‘hand made’ stuff in Whole foods, where you press a leaver and the peanuts are ground in front of you. Still no.

Turtles – these seem to come in icecream, biscuit, candy and ice cream form…. chocolate + caramel + nuts they are yummy! I prefer them without nuts but the caramel makes up for them.

The firm favourite ‘bar snack’ so far has been Cheese curds. These are somewhat of a local speciality made with Wisconsin cheese, and are essentially battered fried cheese. They taste amazing! Even if a bowl makes you feel like your arteries are clogged afterwards. So good.

What other American snacks do I need to track down?









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