Bonnie Doon – 1950’s Amercian drive through & diner


The iconic drive through. Decorated with bold colours, seats to enjoy the sunshine, old school box speakers to order your food and original trays to eat your food whilst in the car. I can see why eating in your car never really took off, but this place is a treat. On a recent trip to the Studebaker museum there were several pictures and a mock up of this drive through. I assumed that it had disappeared long ago, but a quick google search to see what happened to it showed not only was it still standing but it was still in business! Bonnie Doom sells burgers and fries but by far the speciality is their ice cream! Yep that’s right drive though ice cream.

In recent weeks we have tried a range of local speciality ice creams, frozen yoghurt, which is a favourite as the shop is called Lets spoon! Ritter’s frozen custard, and now Boonie Doon. The drive through itself is awesome, as you drive into the car park you may as well step back into the 1950’s, although sadly the car hop servers no longer use roller skates. Once you venture inside its exactly what you want from an authentic american dinner, booths, red bar stools, random decorations. Happy times. Now onto the ice cream

Sadly Bonnie Doon no longer makes its own ice cream, the factory closed last year, and now despite being awesome is barely surviving at this point. The ice cream is from another local firm in Indiana, that is close to the original stuff. This is proper ice cream, thick creamy and utterly delicious. We split an ice cream sunday and had all the toppings. marshmallow whip, whip and cheery, hot chocolate fudge sauce, caramel, toasted pecans I could talk all day about the toppings! We tried the cherry cheescake, moosetracks and salted caramel ice cream flavours and they were all amazing! I’m not too sure where my ice cream obsession comes from, I guess I only have happy memories where ice cream is concerned.

We also tried a green river pop, its kind of an old school luminous green lemony lime soda. Tasty but very very green. Donnie Boon’s also have malts, milkshakes and toasted peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Now I just need a leather jacket!





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