Key lime pie



Happy Easter! I hope you are having a fun day with family, chocolate and a delicious meal! We are currently down South – more to follow! But just before we left I had a bit of a baking sessions. Inspired by a recent trip to Chicago, where we finally sampled some specialities of the area, deep dish pizza – yum! and american key lime pie. The key lime pie was utterly delicious, so I had a go at making one!

Little did I know the key ingredient is a can or two of condensed milk. And of course limes! I love limes, they go wonderfully with mango – trust me they do! Chicken satay, as a salad dressing and on pancakes. So I’m excited to be adding a limy dessert to my repertoire.

The pie crust is traditionally made of Graham crackers – I’ve heard of these biscuits but I hadn’t tried them until now, the are very sweet and reminded me of those breakfast biscuits Lisa Snowdon annoyingly promotes. You can buy pre-made Graham cracker bases, and there are other biscuit bases you could use. To make the base you blitz up some crackers, add butter and sugar! – although I omitted the sugar as the crackers were already so sweet, next time I think I’ll add some cocunut. So far so good.

For the filling you mix up condensed milk, egg, and juice from key limes. I didn’t have key limes so used regular ones – next time I’ll find some key limes as they actually make a big difference to the flavour! Or I will add a mixture of lemon and lime for a citrus kick.

You simply mix together then put into the pie case and bake until done. I slightly over baked mine so although it tasted nice it was a little overdone and not as light and fluffy as I would have liked. I’ll be making these again and trying some variations on the base and seeing if I can cut down on the condensed milk to make this a little healthier whilst still tasty!




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