March madness 2015

Fellow Americans how are your brackets coming along? I’m fairly new to the whole march madness thing and well so far I’ve not been doing so well. I went with a slightly unconventional strategy of picking winners based on who had the best name or places I’d heard of or wanted to go. Needles to say this strategy has not worked well for me. I probably should have paid more attention to the rankings and looked up some info but I didn’t, my competitive side only popped up once I started paying attention to who was losing and how many bad seeds I’d picked! I did however predict a few early upsets, but these haven’t progressed into Cinderella stories, and now my picks are fairly bad, with only one team left in!
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, March madness as I understand it is an American college basketball tournament that runs throughout March and finishes in the first weekend of April. There are 68 teams who play and each game is a knock out – so if you have a bad day and you lose, tough you are out. There are several rounds with a winner. Many of the games have only 1 point difference and have been quite close. Before the match starts you can sign up to a bracket – meaning you can pick who you think will win each game, and you earn points for each correct prediction.

A friend explained the whole tournament and the brackets and things a few weeks ago in the pub, and we figured lets take part, we know nothing about much of the game, or history of the tournament or the teams and really went in blind. It’s been good fun, and I’ve spent many evening shouting at the computer whilst seeing the score card bounce between a point difference. Like American football the games have many time outs and 5 minutes can last half an hour. We will be looking forward to seeing the final in a dive bar, with stocky floors, crappy beer and American snacks!

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