Hot cross buns… why hello Easter

wpid-20150330_163211.jpgEaster feels very early this year it’s snuck up on me whilst spring is teasing with the warmer weather. This year it feels even less spring like due to the lack of Easter eggs at every shop I visit. In the UK Easter eggs pop out the second the Christmas decorations go away. It’s a little overkill, but as a complete and utter chocoholic this makes me happy. Earlier this year there was a fracas regarding the shrinking of Cadbury’s cream eggs and a change in the middle! What were you thinking Cadbury’s? I am still extremely disappointed.

The USA has its own version of Cadbury’s, but it isn’t as good, they do a version of the cream eggs – which are MUCH smaller! They also do an alternative mini egg – these are possible one of  my most favourite Easter treats!!! I love them, here they smell kind of strange, but taste almost the same. I’ve already made some Easter bunny cookies and mini egg brownies, and I may have to have a crack (sorry couldn’t help myself) at a cream egg brownie. I hate peanut butter so I’ve been avoiding the main offerings of Reaces’ peanut eggs – as far as I can tell they look exactly the same as the normal cups, but maybe I’m missing something.

The other glaring omission here for Easter is the major lack of hot cross buns. What is Easter without having these little delights toasted with jam and/or butter for several weeks up until Easter weekend. I’m a little distraught. But it’s ok as they are reasonably simple to make. So I made a few batches to get my hot cross bun fix. The only tricky part, those fiddly crosses on the top. If you make your own and you enjoy having a good thick peel off cross atop then I suggest piping it on!

I used a mixture of wholemeal bread flour and spelt, honey instead of sugar and made traditional buns with raisins, a walnut and apricot variation, and apple, ginger and cinnamon batch. Both were incredibly tasty and if I can get hold of some figs I’ll be making a fig and cherry variation. I may also pipe atop an iced cross for a bit of variation and extra yum. You can use almost any type of dried fruit, I’d suggest soaking them first. I omit the candied peel as I’m not a fan, I use extra zest or fresh ginger and like mine fresh from the oven or toasted with jam on! Ideally raspberry jam or some marmalade. How do you eat yours?




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