Frocks n socks – The spring edit


So I thought after streamlining my entire life and wardrobe I’d take on a bit of a challenge and embrace an edited wardrobe for spring I recently read a blog from un-fancy about her approach and loved the idea of it. She changes her wardrobe edits for each season, and for three month wears outfit’s from the edited 37 pieces. Why 37 – well go have a read and find out. I’m intrigued by this concept as my wardrobe doesn’t often co-ordinate. I tend to buy things because I really like them, but lately having edited all my clothes down into one suitcase I’ve become more mindful of the way I shop.

Now it’s getting warmer and I actually care about what I’m wearing as opposed to whatever is warmest, it’s been fun to think about clothes again. I’ve spent more time buying basics and building a  grown up wardrobe that is useful and full of things I love to wear. I’ve become more brutal in clearing out my closet, if it doesn’t fit, has stains, holes etc or is something I haven’t worn in a while then it now gets removed. I plan what things I want to buy based on what I need, and only pick up a couple of things I really like every now and again, so that I don’t end up with a wardrobe of lovely items that don’t work together.

I realised though moving and sorting though everything that I am a complete hoarder who keeps hold of things I’ve had for years even if I don’t like them any more and I don’t think through clothing based on would it work as an outfit. I’m very much a jeans and tshirt kind of girl and its taken a while to identify what my ‘style’ is, as I’ve never really thought about it. Mostly I realised I have a very specific colour pallet with a few random’s thrown in, I like stripes and small prints, and plain bold colours. I’m still working on this and I’m trying really hard not to expand my scarf collection.

So as an experiment to refine my ‘style’ and make finding what to wear easier I’ve tried to edit my wardrobe down to 37 pieces for spring. Now this was a challenge because I have no idea what to expect weather wise from spring here. But here’s what I came up with. I didn’t count shoes in this, as I tend to wear the same two pairs, next time I’ll branch out and include shoes in the whole outfit!  I also forgot to include jackets. I’m really interested to see how many of these items I wear to death between now and June and what I hardly wear at all. I think I also need to get my stripe obsession under control. Do you have a spring wardrobe? How do you organise it?

My 37 spring wardrobe


3 thoughts on “Frocks n socks – The spring edit

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