Taking better photos


I’ve written before about my experimentation with lomography and jumpology, for April I will continue to post a picture a day, but will really focus on taking better photography. Photography doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m a click and point kinda gal who doest often take much time to consider lighting and composition. Now a days with camera phones, apps and many many filters its possible to get pretty decent shots without too much effort. However I’m very visual and am often drawn to other blogs, webpages and the like through the images. Some of my pictures so far have been terrible, often I’ve not realised until I’m back home that the shot was out of focus, or that I hadn’t framed it well. Of course it depends on what you want from the image, maybe fuzzy and mis-focused is your thing, but I enjoy clear crisp pictures, with colour and movement.

There are many tips on the interwebs about taking great photos – or at least better ones. These are the nuggets I’ve gleamed so far and will be attempting to put into practice, but any other suggestions are every welcome.

Lighting lighting lighting

The biggest difference seems to be having really good, bright, natural light. Easier said than done when there’s snow everywhere and the light is a consistent tone with little variation. However finding what times of day give the most beams of natural light, a big window and finding patches of sunshine really make a big difference.


Actually taking a moment to consider what the picture is of, and therefore what you need to focus on is handy. I use my Samsung smartphone – which sometimes takes amazing pictures, however often doesn’t focus well – despite using the great green box to auto focus – I find it often doesn’t work well, or has a bigger delay than I am expecting. Holding still whilst taking a picture definitely helps, and now taking a handful of shots in the hope one of them had focused well is a good strategy.


I think what is in the backdrop is more applicable to shooting pictures of food for example. Although there is some merit in considering how to ‘frame’ a picture in the natural landscape, I’m more interested in experimenting with different colours, textures and ‘props’ when taking pictures of cake. I’m on the lookout for some wooden boards of varying colours.

These are the tips I’ll be trying to implement to take better photos, but I’m enjoying taking a snap each day, here’s a picture feast from February!





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