The good bits #7


I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record, I say this almost everytime I post on the good things…. but how has seven months already passed?!?!? 2015 is so far hurtling past at an alarming rate! Excitingly though Spring seems to have arrived and with it a new sense of energy and adventure – although it did snow again on Monday so I’m not totally out of winter yet, but I have seen the first signs of flowers poking out of the ground so the reappearance of snow is just a temporarily blip.

The last month has been a busy one, with lots of adventures.

We went to Brookfield zoo in Chicago for free winter zoo days, where despite the cold we saw lots of lively animals. Also in Chicago we visited the Field natural history museum and met Sue. We also celebrated st Paddy’s in the windy city and saw the river dyed emerald (luminous) green and hung out in dive bars and rooftop terraces. We took the opportunity to say yes to everything, leading to our first steak and shake.

I’ve been trying out some new sports and activities, and by far my favourite has been xcountry skiing which is all kinds of awesome! I wish I’d tried this at the start of the season before all the snow melted!

I took a flashback to this time last year where I was in paradise on a beautiful tropical island, I’ve spent time reading and reflecting on how much has changed in the last seven months. I’ve also spent some time reading up on the local area for more future road trips, as well as looking at some american baking classics. The warmer weather is making its way so I’m embracing spring and dreaming of Lindt chocolate bunnies!


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