The weekend that could



Don’t you just love it when Friday rolls around, when you have endless possibilities of what you could do with your time. Two whole days to do with as you please. I often like to fill this time with every fun or constructive thing I can. After all life is short, and there are so many things I’ve not done yet. Most weekends I’ve already booked up with something, or made a list of possible activities and ideas to do. This weekend for once my diary was completely clear, with no lists of possible things.

We could do whatever we wanted, go on a road trip and explore more of the area, bake till we had cake coming out of our ears, socialise with fun people, try some exciting food restaurants and catch up on the various things I didn’t want to do in the week. So many possibilities and for once I didn’t give in to the feeling I should be doing something useful. So we did nothing. We slept, somehow having a lie in with no alarm clock and nowhere in particular to be is so refreshing. The weather was a bit meh so we spent Saturday watching the six nations – how good did England play?! – apart form some defensive issues, playing games, catching up on House of cards and relaxing around the house and Sunday we did the same.

We figured we should actually leave the house so after a delish brunch of homemade waffles we went out for a little stroll along the river, mostly to see if we could spot any daffodils or spring flowers that might have sprouted. We didn’t see many signs of life growing yet, I guess everything is still coming out of hibernation from the winter, but it was great to get some fresh air and move our limbs. We then spent some time playing with the kitty cats and just enjoying having time to do anything even if we choose not to do very much at all.

We did stop in the way home form our stroll at Ritters – which sells frozen custard….. Its not what you think, I imagined frozen yellow bowls, but its actually ice cream with a cream and egg base. Very creamy and it didn’t taste much like custard!






2 thoughts on “The weekend that could

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