Relocating – six months later



Some days I still think I’ve pressed pause on my old lifestyle and whenever I fancy I can jump back into it. Of course this isn’t quite true. In some ways not that much will have changed, friends and family are carrying on with their daily lives, doing things I recognise and have previously joined in with, life, playing sports, going for dinner, changing jobs, and doing everyday regular things. Yet life does continue and I miss the small moments that aren’t big enough or important enough to write in a letter or chat about on skype.

Relocating has been wonderful and crazy and I’ve learnt things I didn’t even think about. It’s been over six months now, and we’ve weathered I think the hardest part of moving, as well as one of the worst winters I’ve ever experienced, and being newlyweds! I’ve had time to think how quickly its all gone so far – yet how long ago it feels like we left, and what advice I’d have given myself.

Slow down

Life happens, its fleeting and you absolutely have to make the time to enjoy it, to cherish it and to be in the moment that might mean not worrying so much, doing something spontaneous, that isn’t planned, going for the unexpected

Keep learning

I’ve learnt so much about myself, to how I handle new situations, what things I really like, and really dislike, why I behave in certain ways and to some extent more of who I am. Once you strip back the layers, of work, or location, of hobbies and built up social circles you can feel like what’s left is quite small and a bit naked. But it gives you a different perspective and admiration for different things.

Be brave

Try new activities, go to new places, even if that means wondering around an art gallery on your own, enjoy it. For someone who likes to chat a lot this has been a difficult challenge, but I’ve come to appreciate that I really enjoy my own company, surprisingly so, skills that will stand well against time. I’ve faced anxieties about being the new person, not knowing anything and starting the first conversation. Its also ok to not be brave all the time. It takes lot of energy, lots of dedication and time.

New routines

For me structure is my saviour, I’m no good without a plan and without a time line of things to come, even if that is just a scheduled swim time. I need a timetable, one that is flexible and changeable but one all the same. That being said its been refreshing to make new routines, and not to settle into something because that’s what I’ve always done. I’ve had change to make new ones, routines and habits that are better for me and will continue to reward me, be that health, cooking, building friendships or even just time management.

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