Springing forward


The recent respite in the weather has reminded me of long summer days, I’m sure there is another winter storm or two to come before it’s finally time to say goodbye to old man winter, but I’ll be embracing spring with open arms. I love the change of seasons, its always kind of rejuvenating as you prepare for the next season. I quite enjoy hibernating in winter, so spring is time to dust of the shorts, open up the windows and get outside more.

Daylight savings kicks in a few week early in the US, so its been an adjustment to the slightly wonky times, it always surprises me how only an hour can take you completely off kilter. With warmer and longer days it gives us chance to get out for more evening strolls which we’ve been doing in the last two weeks. Our dusk strolls have been great to get some fresh air, the lakes are starting to melt and we’ve also spotted some raccoons and gophers!

Often spring times leaves me wanting to have a bit of a clear out, having already streamlined my wardrobe and most of my possessions to move over here last year I thought I’d try something different. I’ve been enjoying reading Un-fancy’s principles to dressing for the seasons. She creates a ‘capsule’ wardrobe with a total of 37 pieces for 3 months. I’m intrigued by this concept, and whilst I’m not sure I can live with 37 garments for 3 whole months I like the idea of a super organised wardrobe. I hate thinking about what to wear in the mornings, I like to throw something on and get going. I also want to shop smarter in the future, having gone through the process of clearing out so much I don’t want to accumulate things I don’t need.

I’m also busy planning a road trip other Easter. Sadly the Easter ‘holidays’ aren’t really a thing here, I guess spring break is the equivalent, so any tips on great must see places around the mid-west comment below. I’ve been reading up on a range of places and making some lists of possible trips to take, either for Easter or in the future. Speaking of Easter I might have a go at making Easter eggs and chocolate shaped Easter items – given the lack of Cadburys, although thankfully there are Lindt bunnies!!! I tried to make some key lime pie this week with mixed results, so I’ll need to get back into the kitchen for some more baking!





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