Green, green, emerald green all around

Happy St Paddy’s day!!! Over here in Indiana, St Paddy’s is a pretty big celebration, with Chicago hosting one of the worlds largest events, filled with parades, and green stuff. Notre Dame has an adopted Irish heritage, so often many Americans decide to be Irish for a little while. There have been all sorts of green paraphernalia in the shops, with green food items, green rinks, green clothes and green decorations.

Our neighbour has consistently had some kind of decoration all year around, and the green glittery shamrock has adorned their door for a little while.


We spent the weekend in Chicago, where we saw the river dyed green. A luminous green – that starts of orange and consists of environmentally friendly non toxic vegetable dye, although I’m not sure that there are all that many fish in this stretch of the river! There are also lots of people dressed in green having green beer for breakfast.

We dined on some of Chicago’s deep dish pizza- this was so filling and really tasty. The deep dish is like an upside down pizza, Wisconsin cheese on the base with sausage and topped with tomato, and the crust is more like pastry. We also had our first key lime pie! – green pudding, which was amazing. I always thought of key lime pie as a bit like apple pie but with limes, its not, its like super fluffy cheesecake. So good! I’ll be baking some soon with some more pictures!

We also visited some of Chicago’s rooftop bars, and a sticky floored dive bar, whilst being amused at American’s reactions to our accents, especially when our Irish friend spoke, he was popular!






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