Bookmark #2

I thought given last week was international book day, with children and teachers dressing up as all sorts of interesting characters, it might be about to time to review again what I’ve been reading, there’s nothing better on a cold day to snuggle up with a good book or three, here’s some of my favourites. Let me know if you have any recommendations to add to my reading list!


Rivers of London

I waited and waited for the digital price of this to drop from its release date. I soon cracked as I wanted a holiday read and knew I wanted this one. The fifth book of this series returns to Peter Grant – a London copper who does ‘weird’ stuff. This ones set outside of London with menacing Unicorns. The whole series is brilliant – warning once you read the first one you might be hooked. Then you will need to stalk Ben Aaronovitch on twitter for news of the next instalment.

The Silkworm

The second instalment of Comoran Strike – if you haven’t read the first I’d recommend it, its a fictional detective written under a Pseudonym by JK Rowling. Strike is an interesting character and the second book is as good as the first. I read this pretty quickly and am looking forward to the third. Incidentally JK Rowling’s other creation – The Casual Vacancy is currently a mini series on the BBC, I’ve not read the book yet but I’m enjoying seeing snippets of Stow and Burford – I’ve missed you! Having watched it I’ll be reading the book too!

The Children’s Act

The latest edition from Ian McEwen. I’ve been a fan of many of his other books (aside from Saturday! – don’t read it its awful) I enjoyed On Chesil Beach and Sweet tooth. The children’s act has taken me a while to get into but its just starting to turn into ‘cant put down’ material.

Balancing act

I was sent this for a Christmas present and actually enjoyed reading a paper book again – generally I now use my kindle. My thumbs actually hurt form holding the book up which was a little worrying. This is a sweet story that talks about complicated families and female ambition.

Real Simple

I picked this magazine up at an airport when I was looking for something to read on the plane. The trouble with many magazines is they are either full of trashy made up stories of celebrities I’ve never heard off, ridiculously expensive fashion that aren’t generally anything I’d wear, or twee home making. The choices aren’t great. There isn’t a huge market for international magazines either but I saw Real Simple and was intrigued firstly by the pretty picture on the front and the content. It has a range of issues, from how to lead a stress free life, to recipes and commentary on real life issues, recipes and things to do centred around a different theme each month. I’ve since brought the next few months issues and find its always a good read.


A collection of Caitlin Moran’s columns. Many of these are hilarious, and bring up some real issues in a way that’s engaging and fun, but mostly they are fantastic short reads perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, or as a nightcap.

I’ve also enjoyed watching the Kingsmen at the movies, to be honest the trailers for this looked pretty poor, It looked like Colin firth wanted to make a quick buck, but I actually really enjoyed it. Its got a dark humour and aside from a few out of place scenes (namely the last one) its brilliant. I’ve also been happily watching BBC’s Bake off for comic relief, The Great British sewing bee and the Cricket World Cup. What have you been reading or watching? Have you been to your local library recently or are you like me addicted to your kindle? If you fancy a quick three minute amusing video – this is my local library!!


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