X Country Ski-ing

Last weekend, Kiwi and I finally got around to trying x-country skiing. There are several parks near us and this is a popular activity in the winter. The parks convert their usual hiking and mountain bike trails into loops for skiers. Given the amount of snow we seem to regularly have, and the lack of many hills I can see why many skiers take up this winter sport.

I was a bit reluctant to start with as a downhill skier I wasn’t sure there would be a great deal of fun to be had ‘walking’ on ski’s. Due to the lack of hills I figured it was probably going to be a lot of hard work. This was based on having ‘walked’ in normal ski’s which is exhausting.


Last weekend the weather was snowing (again) when we woke up, but the forecast wasn’t too bad and the temperature was only a few degrees below freezing. Which was a lot warmer than when we went downhill skiing. I wore lots of layers as I wasn’t sure how warm I would get, or how many times I was likely to fall over!

We ventured North into Michigan to a little park called Love Creek. Not only does it have the cutest name, we’d been told by a few locals it was the prettiest place to go for good x-country skiing. It didn’t disappoint, with pretty wooded areas, a frozen lake and an adorable nature centre. We hired skis – which are like an extremely thin version of downhill skis, boots- which are soooo much comfier, poles and off we went.

Now aside from there being planks strapped to your feet, snow and the beautiful serenity you get from skiing this is pretty much the only aspects that resemble downhill skiing. The motion is much much different, more similar to ice skating/walking. It took a while to adjust to the balance and work out how we were supposed to move our feet. The main difference being only your toes are ‘strapped in’ so you can lift your heel.

The trails were well groomed with little groves for your skis to follow. We tried most of the trails covering just over 7 miles worth. The scenery was beautiful and the skiing was awesome! We loved it! it was peaceful, a great workout and just really good fun. I likened it to ‘fun’ hiking! I think we are now hooked, its quite late in the season so we will be trying out some other routes this weekend before all the snow melts!






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