Just say yes

“Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back” thanks Snow Patrol!

Over the last few weeks Kiwi and I decided we should put some more energy into going out and taking part in social activities. Putting this into practice last week we decided to say yes to any and every opportunity. This was a little exhausting if I’m honest but a great way of doing things outside of our comfort zone, and definitely resulted in being more sociable and going on some new adventures.


The week kicked off with myself attending a new Zumba class. I cant say I was that enthralled by the class but I’m glad I tried something else. Then on Wednesday night we were invited out to a local converted warehouse for a live jazz and blues band. We chatted to some people, and had a rather tasty margarita or two as well as dancing to some fabulous music. The venue, despite being difficult to find, was a lofty brick building with lots of artwork and felt really fresh. It was decorated with pianos, local art work, shelves of books and quirky antique looking pieces.

I attended a development conference, and we signed up on the day to  attended the key note dinner with Jeffrey Sacks as speaker. We had a tasty dinner of fajitas and corn bread muffins, and chatted to some professors and graduate students.We heard about the American missile crisis, Kennedy and views on the CIA.

From the jazz night we met some Italian Grad students who invited us to a fancy dress party. The theme: dress what you thought the future looked like in the 80s. It was an interesting evening straight after the conference dinner. The party didn’t start until 10pm, at which point we squished into a little student flat, drank some horrendous punch in red plastic cups (it tasted like flat bubblegum) danced and reminisced about the 90s. We then headed over to Steak and Shake for a 4am pick me up.

Needles to say we were a bit tired, so spent Saturday gong for a quick run and afternoon tea. Sunday we tried cross county ski-ing – more to follow! It was an eventful week, we met lots of people and socialised far more, and said yes to more future events. To be honest it was pretty tiring with lots of late nights but also quite refreshing not to think about if things would fit into our schedule, but to just say yes and see where the night would take us. I encourage you to say yes to something different this week!




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