Wintery warmers

Well its been pretty chilly here as of late, a combination of it being winter, lake effect snow and I assume the polar vortex has sent arctic conditions this way. I saw an awesome picture of a satellite image of this part of the earth, needless to say its a bit cold out. So far the coldest has been -7 Fahrenheit, which is around -21 in degrees C. Aside from skiing at the top of a mountain I cant think of any other time I’ve been anywhere this cold. On the plus side its far too cold for any frost so there is no need to de-ice the car. On occasion we need to sweep a foot of snow mind.

To combat the winter freeze I’ve been ski-ing and doing lots of hot yoga. I’ve also been trying out several recipes from my Covent garden soup recipe book, and a couple of chowders. So far I’ve not made one that hasn’t turned out super tasty. I’ve not found any convent garden soup to buy or something similar so making huge batches and freezing them seems to be the way forward.

tomato soup

tomato soup


Yesterday I made roasted tomato soup. It was just the ticket. The roasting tomatoes, and veg smelt divine and blended up to make a surprisingly think and tasty lunchtime treat. I now need to practice my bread making so I can have freshly baked rolls to go with this soup, my kneading could do with a little practice, but its not a bad habit to get into. I also could do with finding a loaf tin although rolls do well for soup.

I cant wait to make again; salmon chowder, tomato soup and chicken and lemon soup.

tomato soup


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