Lemons = Lemonade, Snow = Ski-ing


Well to me it seems a fairly obvious equation, when it is snowy and cold the way to make the most of it is to go ski-ing. We still haven’t got around to trying cross country skiing – to be honest it looks like a lot of hard work. There is also tubbing, snow mobilling and ice skating all perfect activities for when it’s snowy. This weekend we figured it looked like another whiteout. We had planned to go ski-ing the weekend before but the snow was so bad it wouldn’t have been much fun to drive, and the ski-ing would have been pretty miserable. So we waited. Saturday a blizzard raged, leaving more snow with it and a bitterly cold wind chill. Sunday morning we woke up to bright blue skies and sunshine, yep thats right the sun had returned!!! We quickly set to leaving the house as the weather forecast didn’t have a sunshine in it for at least another week.

There are a couple of ski resorts nearby, all in Michigan on small hillocks, but easily accessible for an evening or day trip. We were keen to try out Timber Ridge – one of the larger hills without going much further North. We also are looking forward to trying Cannonsberg, and Bittersweet. There also appears to be a large resort called Crystal ski on the edge of the lake a little further afield.

We took the scenic route up and stopped by South Haven. This is quickly becoming one of my new favourite places. The high street is pretty deserted in winter so I’m really looking forward to coming back in the summer when there are many ice cream parlours and cosy looking cafes, not to mention exploring the beach and marina. The lake again was fairly frozen with ice floating along. We then travelled though the quiet countryside to the ski resort. There were a few barns and the roads will still fairly treacherous but the views were pretty and life seemed sedate. We reached Timber ridge – despite wondering where a hill was right up until about 6 minutes until we arrived!

Timber Ridge is great for an evenings ski, there’s a decent 7 or 8 runs and it doesn’t feel too crowded. The runs are all floodlit providing good night skiing if you can brave the temperatures. If you do get chilly the hut/pub does decent hot chocolate to warm you back up. I think I’ve had my ski-ing fix for the moment as I nurse aching limbs and a few bruises, or at least until the temperature warms up a little!






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