Jumpology #2

I’ve been trying to capture some more jumping shots, and expanding on my jump repertoire. So far the jumps seem to remain in a handful of positions, so I need to practice this some more. when we recently went along the ‘coast’ of Michigan we visited a few beach resorts on the hunt for some lighthouses. The landscape here was stunning and the pictures on their own were amazing. Needless to say I tried a few jumping shots at the lighthouses – this was pretty difficult giving how cold it was and the layers of clothing I had on, I’m amazed I got off the ground. It was also pretty icy and slippery, but I’m pleased to report I didn’t fall, although it was an incentive to try to take a picture in as few jumps as possible!

We also took a few shots whilst on our Christmas trip to San Fransisco. Sadly none of the jumping shots around the bridge really worked out, however the first shot on tank hill has the rather iconic bridge right in the background. We also had some fun taking shots on the beach and whilst hiking up mt Diablo. The common themes in all of these, it was seriously windy!!! Turns out jumping around looking like a wally is great for keeping you warm!






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