Sugary cake

Recently I’ve been doing lots of baking, I guess with yet another winter storm warning in place, freezing temperatures outside and the need of cake to motivate me to finish my literature review its no surprise that our house is often filled with cake. This week on a whim I threw together a sticky toffee pudding, after chatting to a friend whom I always have this dessert with.

We didn’t have dates so I used prunes instead, which actually turned out pretty well. Instead of making caramel sauce for the topping we had a go at making dulce de leche. I always seem to have a can of condensed milk in the back of a cupboard left over from fudge making that never seems to get used, and I’ve never had a go at making this so it seemed fitting. Boiling a can of what is essentially a sugar coma, in a pan, was pretty exciting and the results were a rather sweet and lovely topping. Next time I’d probably either make caramel or mix it with cream as it was even too sweet for me – which is rare!

I’ve also been baking some sugar free treats, and for the super bowl party on the other end of the sugar spectrum some lemon meringue pie cupcakes! Complete with lemon curd and mini little meringues.




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