Tea and Bakes – Make your own Chocolate

Yes that’s right, actual chocolate, you can make it yourself. I wanted to try this recipe out so figured I’d give it a go – if it didn’t work I’d just have to sit and eat a chocolaty mess out of a pan, that would be a shame. Ok so this isn’t quite Cadburys, its ‘raw’ chocolate so a little better for you and only contains three ingredients!!

This recipe is ridiculously simple, and the chocolates are really tasty and melt in your mouth. The three ingredients to make the chocolate are coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey. That’s it. Then you can add more things such as fruit, nuts etc as you please.

The cocoa powder needs to be pure cocoa, as dark as you can find, drinking chocolate – with added sugar etc wont work so well. You could use dark chocolate grated instead if you can’t find cocoa. You can use any kind of sweetener too, such as maple syrup or agave syrup. You could use sugar if you weren’t too fussed about it being ‘raw’.

I’d suggest starting with three equal parts of the honey, coconut oil and cocoa. Melt the coconut oil and cocoa then add in the honey. Stir until mixed together then put into a silicon mould – I used a Halloween one that I picked up at a supermarket, but you could use anything – I’d suggest silicone as its easier to get out afterwards, and is in handy bite size pieces. Then wack it is the freezer until its set. Once its set you can turn out the chocolates then keep them in the fridge if you don’t eat them all in one go!

I’ve been slowly reducing the amount of ‘sweetness’ it needs each time I make a batch. You still need the same proportions of coconut oil and cocoa, but the honey can be less depending on how bitter you want it. I added in small pieces of chopped apricots, apple, blueberries and raspberries this time which adds some extra sweetness anyway. It also tastes great if you drizzle a little honey on top for a bit extra. Just try not to eat them all in one go!






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