Fancy a brew

One interesting aspect of living right on the Michigan/Indiana boarder is having access to lots and lots of breweries. There are quite a range with lots of wineries popping up too. We recently went to the 150 anniversary beer festival, where there was a whole selection of local beers, some whiskey and even a spot of gin. Now I wish I liked beer, I just don’t, it smells great but really doesn’t taste as nice as it smells. The festival was a sell out with lots of people travelling from far and wide and some real enthusiasts. There were several people with pretzel necklaces – some home made and some great named brews.

Further up North we also popped into a local winery for some wine pairings, like wine tasting but with little nibbles that complimented the flavours. These generally comprised of cheese and chocolate! Winning combinations! Now wineries tend to remind me of winters – which are actually summmer’s spent in New Zealand, playing Easter egg hunts and having BBQ’s.This winery sits atop a frozen lake and has a stunning deck that I cant wait to go back to in the summer. My favourite was the sign welcoming you in, the phrase “the weather outside is frightful” is pretty popular here, I’ve seen it used for wine, tyes and as a weather warning! I love how utterly English the word ‘frightful’ is so it always makes me chuckle.






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