The #SuperBowl – as it happened

On Sunday, a rather large sporting event occurred, the NFL super bowl. I’d heard of the super bowl before but hadn’t really paid it much attention. Its the final of the NFL American football league, and is just as famous for its commercials and half time show than the actual football. This year saw New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawkes. The Patriots won although it was a fairly close match that could have gone either way. We joined some american colleagues to watch and get their take on what was going on.

We had traditional American snacks, cake, ‘chips’ – corn tortillas, dips, buffalo wings, ranch cauliflower, chilli and hot dogs – sorry sauerkraut. We had beer in red plastic cups!! The only thing missing was the beer pong… we squeezed together into the front room to watch the game. Their are ad breaks approx every 10 seconds, some of these went way over my head and I missed the cultural references, some were downright bizarre and a handful had a useful message. The game was faster paced than the last game we saw but still, American football takes a long time.

The half time show featured Katy Perry, the psychedelic pop up beach was a turning point, and the star of the show appears to have been the shark on the left. Around the third break I reached breaking point with the ads – too much cultural saturation, too much flashing noisy randomness. I didn’t sleep well as I still had flashing images rotating around my mind. The super bowl really does provide an excellent example of the commercialisation of sport, and the american ideal on so many levels. I managed to tweet my way through the match and enjoyed seeing what other people thought.

The #SuperBowl in a few tweets

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