Plato’s closet

One of the stores that I kept hearing about on the radio and wanted to visit was Plato’s closet. This really is an emporium of awesomeness. Somewhere in between a thrift store and modern vintage, here you will find lightly used (sometimes new) garments aimed at 20 and 30 year olds. The stores are big but not overwhelmingly massive, and they seem to get new stuff every week.

It’s complete geek heaven in terms of organisation. Everything is well organised, by garment type and colour then size. Of course there’s less chance of finding as many old and unique items, but there is quite a range, there’s less ‘interesting’ items to sift through and none of the musty smell that sometimes comes along with thrift shops! I also really like the concept behind it. People can bring their lightly used items and sell them, or you can come and shop, both win win. I like the emphasis on reusing items and of encouraging people not to waste things they don’t wear in their wardrobe, to make some money and for someone else to give a home to – every man’s treasure and all that.

I’ve recently found an absolutely bargain, some brand new UGG moleskins that are toasty warm.

Sadly most of the stock is fairly modern, you can hunt down some bargains and pick up a few items from top brands, but there isn’t really any vintage. It does however feel a bit like a clothes swap but on a much larger scale, and very reasonable prices.





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