Frozen lighthouses

Now the polar vortex has moved on and there is a brief respite in the freezing temperatures, the snow has started melting and the icicles have all fallen off the roof. We spent a day driving up the coast to see how Lake Michigan had fared in the recent cold blast. Although its massive and looks like the sea, its fresh water so it freezes. This make some impressive icebergs that float around on the edge of the lake. It also looks fascinating seeing shards of ice and ice topped surf bobbing up and down.

Having seen some amazing pictures of the coastline we explored Benton Harbour and South Haven. Both have lighthouses that freeze up in winter. this makes some natural ice sculptures that are spectacular. You can walk along the frozen spit to the end of the lighthouse, which in itself feels like exploring Antarctica. I even kept an eye out for whales surfacing in the water – obviously never going to happen due to the previously mentioned fresh water!!

The lighthouses themselves were impressive enough without any wildlife. Our first stop in South Haven found a pillerbox red lighthouse, that really contrasted with the ice sculpture forming around it. We also stopped and walked around the town and had some amazing onion ring stacks in the local pub! I got to test out my winter boots and my new winter coat that fared well keeping me snug as a bug!

At Benton Harbour the beach front had rows of ice dunes that stretched out almost as far as the lighthouse. Here you could access both lighthouses as they signalled the shipping lane. We will be returning once it freezes again for some more shots, and in the summer to lounge on the beach!












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