Staying warm

I feel once I have survived winter* assuming I do! I will have endured probably the coldest winter I knew you could without living in the Arctic! Coupled with ‘the lake effect’ and polar vortexes the mid west is blummin cold!!! I don’t know how Chicago has a reputation of the windy city when clearly it should be known as the frozen city!!!

I’ve slowly started to learn how to keep warm when weeks go by without a single day being above freezing! and its only the start of winter. I’ve invested in some warm, waterproof and practical winter boots – these have got good grip and so far have withstood walking though knee deep snow, black ice and long wet walks. Layers are an absolutely must, I’ve completely thrown out the notion that clothes are meant to help make you look nice, for all out practicality of what will be warmest. I’ve also found a whole new love and appreciation for wool, especially merino and thermals. Next I’m completely getting into flannel – its soft, warm, and makes you look a bit like a lumberjack, what’s not too love!!!

I also recently invested in a decent coat. up until now my idea of a decent coat has been a pretty blazer, or perhaps a nice heavy winter coat – again that looks pretty and keeps of the chill on frosty mornings. well over here that wont even cut it, so I’ve looked into a range of down coats and plugged for a Patagonia ‘down with it’ parka. After lots of searching, this came up with good reviews, was warm, waterproof and only looks a bit like the Michelin man! I also found some good options with Macpac, Zara and North face. I’ve tested it out whilst hunting lighthouses and it was snuggly warm.

Next on my list is a hat with ear bits and gloves, I’ve been alternating between my ski mittens and leather gloves depending on the temperature, but I think some warmer ones may be in order – and some with finger holes – I’ve taken to using my nose to take photos on my phone because its too chilly to get my fingers out!! – seriously it works pretty well! Needs must!



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