I can’t really remember when I first started taking jumping photos. I just remember it being all sorts of fun and why on earth weren’t all photos taken in this way!? Granted its not everyone’s cup of tea, trying to jump as high as possible whilst making some kind of interesting shape, keeping your modesty and relaxing your face takes some practice, but trying is a lot of giggles. I remember feeling a bit of a wally in some places, its also exhausting! People give you odd looks an wonder what on earth your doing, friends groan in group shops when you make them join in too. It often ends in pain when in large groups of differing hights elbows get in the way, or ski boots!

But jumping photos really give so much personality and movement. You cant really pose, and pouting is pretty much out of the question and you can see the fun. I found that taking a picture of a stunning landscape often doesn’t give it justice to what you are seeing with your own eyes – beaches, sunsets, summits etc, stick a jump in and you bring it back to life in a completely different way. I’d like to shoot some more interesting and unusual places for my jumps, I still cant master the pesky straddle jump and cartwheels are totally making a comeback! Here’s some of my favourites over the years.

Some tips if you want to create your own:

* Get low! the lower you can get to take the photo tthe higher you will look

* Point those toes, arms, fingers limbs! Stretch stretch stretch

* Have fun, be silly, pretend no-one is watching

* Take lots of photos! you can delete all the ridiculous squatting pre jump ones – and there will be many












3 thoughts on “Jumpology

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