On the topic of pictures and taking them I’m finally getting around to spending more time with my Diana mini. This cute little camera is mini and takes traditional film. You can snap some beautiful images using its half frames, and play around with creating some fun and unique images by overlapping them.

So far I haven’t had a great deal of success with my camera skills. First up I’ve found getting the film in a challenge – never a good start! and the last batch didn’t seem to wind on properly and therefore didn’t shoot any images!!! I’ve managed to take a couple of nice photos which make me want to make the best of this little powerhouse.

I’m a big fan of double exposures and actual film. Granted a digital/smartphone has the option of taking multiple shots so at east one of them will turn out good! But I love the old school film, not knowing what your shot will look like, having one chance and waiting for the treasures to be developed! I have a lot of fun with my Mini instax too but I’m enjoying leaning about Lomogrophy, even if I’m not very good at it! Once I’ve mastered the settings and film loading better I’ll be using some different film to see what I can make. If you’ve got some tips comment below





2 thoughts on “Lomography

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