Pretty as a picture

I’ve seen so many new years resolutions and goals popping up here and there. I don’t tend to make new years resolutions, I like to use January as a time to look back and reflect. If anything I like to take on board a few small things and do a little everyday, for me this seems to make more of a positive change rather than trying to make big changes. I admire people who set big goals, I find them a little overwhelming! Whilst sorting through our photos from our recent trip to San Fran – posts coming soon! I’ve also been rifling through some other old photos which has been a great way of remembering various things from 2014.

For 2015 as well as blogging about our various adventures, and things we’ve been up to I also wanted to capture our lives more visually. I love pictures and have taken inspiration from the various posts I see of photo challenges. So the beady eye amongst you may have noticed a new page pop up, 2015 in portrait. This is a page where each day I’ll be posting a random picture, other than putting a date and location stamp I won’t be writing anything, make of them what you will. I’m a week in and there doesn’t seem to be much of a theme emerging just yet, well other than more cats, hot chocolate and snow! Which seem a constant in my life. Head on other and have a browse!

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