Banana & Chocolate muffins

Having spent a lovely Christmas visiting San Francisco – more about this later! We returned home to the cold and snow and an empty fridge. I’d forgotten about some bananas that had gone brown so this was the perfect ingredient for a leisurely bake. I hate brown bananas. I like my bananas a little green, once they have gone yellow they are almost too mushy for my liking, so banana bread, banana muffins and banana loaf are all tried and tested recipes for those pesky brown bananas. On the plus side banana is a great butter substitute so you can pretend your baking is almost healthy! I’ve tried many a fruit/vegetable based cake now, potatoes, beetroot and courgette all go wonderful in cake for a moist yummy guilt free treat. Parsnips also work well and fruit based deserts are always a winner.

I decided to bake some banana chocolate muffins this time for something a bit different, We were also out of nuts otherwise I would have done banana and walnut loaf! Chocolate and banana work really well together, and these taste great after a couple of days too!




Chocolate banana muffins:

1 or 2 mushy bananas, 4oz brown sugar, 100ml vegetable/coconut oil, 8oz plain flour, 1 teaspoon bicarb, 2 eggs,

Mix together, bake for 18 mins on 200 degrees

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