Its hard being a cattel

wpid-20141213_155939.jpgWe missed having our two little monsters tearing around at Christmas. They do so love the Christmas tree – they think we put it there for them to climb up and eat the branches – obviously. Then there’s the wrapping paper and boxes and bags that are all available to be climbed in, they helped so much when resents were wrapped before Christmas. Seriously that facebook video doing the rounds of a cat being wrapped up, if they could work the cellotape they would have done it to themselves! not to mention the delicious smell of what’s cooking in the kitchen, and so much movement to watch whilst everything is being prepared.

Our cattels give us endless hours of amusement. Did you know the collective term for a group of cats is a clowder? I enjoyed reading Little Winter’s post as it describes exactly what our two are like! Rua travelled with us to the big ole USA when we moved. She handled the plane journey remarkably well and loved being the centre of attention in the airport holding room. After we settled in we brought home a new friend/annoying thing for her seeing as she couldn’t go outside and watch all the birds for a while. Indy has jumped into our lives, completely fearless, full of energy and with the most adorable gravely purr I’ve ever heard. He has taken over the comfy spots around the house, stolen Rua’s favourite chair, wants to play with everything, is extremely nosy and very cute. Rua regularly wants to murder him – she’s shut him in the cupboard, then taught him how to open the cupboard door to get in but not how to get out, we find him eventually when its all strangely quiet, he steals her favourite toy, but then she snuggles up with him and gives him a  good clean.

They follow each other around everywhere, although this usually involves keeping a close eye on what room I am in and exactly what I am doing, there might be a pen involved, or a tasty treat that they must steal first. Indy now launches himself at Rua from approximately 50 meters for the ‘surprise’ element before she slamdunks him. Yesterday we found one of his baby teeth- Cats have a full set of baby teeth before there full adult teeth grow in. Indy’s latest favourite thing is too climb into the larder, steal the sealed catnip bag, chew it open and then fling it everywhere. We find him rolling in it before zonking out in the middle of the floor whilst Rua sits and watches like he is mad.





3 thoughts on “Its hard being a cattel

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