Rounding off 2014

Its been a phenomenal year! I love as the Christmas turkey settles and you cant physically eat any more chocolate, New years begins to appear on the horizon and you can take the time to think back over the last year and look forward to the next one.

2014 has been a very busy year, we started it off with a ski trip with 20 other tigers. We were quite a sight on the slopes! We also visited New Zealand and the beautiful Raratonga – literally paradise! We’ve baked lots, saw the Commonwealth games, saw our friends got married, visited many farmers markets. We got engaged and got married, worked hard and packed up to move to the other side of the world. We’ve visited a few states, State parks, watched our first ‘football’ match, learnt tango and welcomed a new fur baby into our home.

Its been eventful and life changing, I’m sure 2015 isn’t likely to let up and we wouldn’t want it any otherway. We will be looking into where we can visit and what activities we can try out. Who knows where we will be at the end of it.

I hope you all find something sparkly to wear and ring in the New Year with style, and look forward to all that 2015 brings!


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