Merry Christmas

I hope you’ve all had a good nights sleep, or gone carol singing/midnight mass/the pub…. and are eagerly opening your stockings and not finding a lump of coal in the bottom!!!! Its one of three legitimate days of the year you can eat chocolate for breakfast! (The other two being birthdays and Easter!)

For me Christmas is all about sitting on the sofa watching Doctor Who, The Royal Family, eating lots of food – roast turkey/or pork or lamb with parsnips, spuds, yorkshire puddings, and pigs in blankets. followed by more board games than you can shake a stick at. Sloe gin, trifle, chocolate, more board games and long wintry walks.

For Kiwi Christmas is about BBQ’s, fish and chilling out in the sun with a beer and taking a walk along the beach.

For us both its about family and friends and taking some time to relax and get ready for the next year!

However you celebrate or even if you don’t have a nice few days to unwind, eat good food and be merry




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