Bake me a mince pie

As Christmas is appearing with alarming speed I’m looking forward to doing some festive baking. I’m not a particular fan of Christmas cake or Panatone, or Christmas pudding but there are a few treats that I love to have this time of year! Some of my favs are homemade mince pies, mini loaf cakes, chocolate truffles, Sloe Gin and homemade soup.

I can’t believe the great British mince pie hasn’t made its way across the pond! They are amazing. Last year my favourite was Heston Blumenthal’s Waitrose collection – nom nom nom. A good mince pie is all buttery pastry and tasty dried fruit – mincemeat doesn’t have actual meat in it!

I might make my own. They are pretty simple. Pastry requires, flour, butter and water. For the mincemeat you can buy pre-made, or its simply dried fruit,  – any variations, appel, spices, fat of some kind, sugar and a little slosh of alcohol if you so wish. Delia does a great recipe that’s really tasty! It also keeps for ages or you can use it straight away.

I love chocolate truffles, they are also insanely easy to make, you just need good quality dark chocolate, pinch of salt, double cream, butter and orange. Melt, set, eat. I’ve also been making some mini cake loafs, carrot, lemon and banana and walnut have been going down well.

To embrace our new home I’ll also be making eggnog and getting my slow cooker out!



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