Sending parcels

One fun aspect of Christmas is hunting down and giving gifts! I wrote at thanksgiving a bit about some of the symbols behind gift giving, and if you wish to bestow good luck and fortune upon your loved ones you better start hunting for frog paraphernalia.

One challenge for us this year has been finding presents that are suitable for posting – the old fashioned way or ordering on-line. This has been an interesting challenge and one I need to get better at. Postage can cost a fortune – sometimes more that the value of the gift itself, but who doesn’t like receiving a little parcel in the post. Kiwi thinks wrapping paper is pointless and just adds to the overall weight – it does, but I’m a total sucker for ribbons, brown or pretty paper and the surprise of a gift.

Its also worth looking around for postage prices – for larger/heavier gifts or if you can send several to one place to be sent on a courier is the way forward.

So for anyone else looking at sending pressies oversees here’s a little list of some of my favourite gift ideas! Feel free to comment below on any other awesome parcel appropriate gifts!


Always a winner, and there are some fabulous home-made craft versions and local markets and craft fairs, the added bonus these are usually fairly flat and easy to package!

Prints and pictures

Again nice and flat, and easy to send there are a whole range of prints and photos you can purchase or even make yourself if you are feeling creative! Some of the best I’ve seen are from Etsy or notonthehighstreet.


Sadly sending a hamper probably isn’t very cost effective but sending some local treats that you cant usually find elsewhere is a winner. I’ve found Hersheys bars – flat and very American, mini Reece’s cups, salt water taffy, and cake mixes where you only need to add water are fun.


The US have an amazing array of tree decorations – there is literally everything!!! some of them are flat and lightweight, and most of them are oh so garish and amazingly crazy.

Mini tolietries

Small and a good way of trying different products, this time of year there are so many fantastic gift sets and mini products that are brilliant stocking fillers, some of my favourite are philosophy, origins, and the mini sets in Ultra. For girls a facemask, nail products, a new lipbalm or mix of products are much appreciated.

Online delivery

A total winner for oversees gifts, you can order a cookbook on Amazon and have it delivered straight to your loved one- bonus no gift wrapping! notonthehighstreet and most retailers offer the same if you have a particular gift in mind. Some of my favourites are sending a couple of graze boxes, the spicery send a combo of fun spices each month with recipe ideas, a magazine subscription – Frankie, The Smith Journal, etc, You could also check out if there are any local events, such as theatre or sports tickets too. I also love the idea of giftowl – where somebody else will find the perfect gift for you!

And if all else fails gift vouchers easily fit into a Christmas card! Or finding an extra special card with a note in is also really special, as it really is the thought that counts. Bonus if you can add a frog! (or squashed spider)

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