Turkey Run

Several weeks ago Kiwi and I visited Turkey Run state park. It had been a week of snow and we discovered what exactly the ‘lake effect’ means. half an hour of driving in apocalyptic snow conditions the snow all disappeared. further South still nobody would ever believe it had even been snowing. It was pretty chilly but a glorious day or two to enjoy walking.

Turkey run state park – so called I think because you can catch Turkeys in all the nooks made by the rocks is a lovely state park, with a lodge in the middle that is quaint and rustic, surrounded by hilly walks, trees and a river that offers excellent kayaking in the summer. Whilst Kiwi did some science things I enjoyed the pool and buffet breakfast. There were scones – but no jam or cream?! amazing caramel sauce with apple crumble, pancakes, waffels and fruit salad.

We also had chance to walk around the park, enjoying the wobbly bridges and ‘ladders’ trail. There were some icicles and autumn hadn’t quite ended here unlike further North. I also got to enjoy my snugly warm scarf that has only just had an outing as its so woolly. It would be nice to visit in the summer and enjoy some water sports, but its equally peaceful and beautiful in the winter too.



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