Fudge & football

Recently Kiwi and I attended another American football match watching the Fighting Irish, I think they lost again I cant really remember. My favourite part about the games are the soft pretzels – but absolutely not the weird gloopy ‘cheese’ pots they come with – the ‘cheese’ is fake orange stuff like the square ‘cheese’ you get to go on burgers, and the marching bands! I kid you not, they are a marvel to watch, there’s a million people all co-ordinated at the start and at half time. They played a rendition of Swifty’s latest track which was quite amusing. And then the match is in progress they are on the sidelines ready to burst into song the moment play stops – which is a lot of moments!


I’m beginning to understand the game a little better, its still unbelievable long and sometimes with the commercial breaks and flags being thrown I have no idea what just happened.


The student stands are also fun to watch, this game was a little chilly but the now ha melted after a two week freeze, the students looked a little cold so to warm up they had a marshmallow fight. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many marshmallows – it looked like it was snowing on a quarter of the stadium, they looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Just to top it of we also visited Kilwins and a random ‘street’ Italian place. Kilwins is becoming a favourite not least because the fudge is amazing, its a chocolate/ice cream shop :-)


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