Christmas lights

After some impressive thanksgiving decorations, Christmas is not going to disappoint! All around me once the sun sets, are many twinkling trees and stunning light decorations. There’s also the downright hideous!! One of our neighbours put their tree up before Thanksgiving – In November!!!! This is a little keen but some of the streets now are starting to ‘look a lot like Christmas’. I’ve been trying to capture some of my favourites, as a few of them are like beautiful firework displays, whilst others are a psychedelic mess.


In preparation Kiwi and I now have a Christmas tree, we cruised around town looking for Christmas tree farms and found a small place with pre chopped trees – we we hungry and didn’t fancy spending hours searching for a tree!

wpid-collage_20141209112746820.jpgI’ve had a lot of fun looking for decorations…. there’s sooooo many in the local thrift shop its quite a sight to behold. We brought with us a few small decorations from the Christmas markets in Cologne when we visited last year which are looking pretty on the tree. So far they haven’t been captured by the cats – but they do think the tree is a brand new climbing frame just for them. Every now and again the tree starts shaking and a little tale pops out between the lights and branches.


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