The good bits #3

wpid-eg_20150323125026927.jpgHow has another month flown past? its crazy how quickly time just disappears, we’ve gone straight from Halloween to no guy fawkes and now its basically December which means its pretty much Christmas!!!!! SO given its Thanksgiving today and it also marks just over three months of me being here the good bits are all about looking back, being grateful and embracing the adventures of life. Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey.


In the last month we have seen lots of snow, snow and a bit more snow – its been pretty cold, I’ve had my custom made onsie out and am looking into various thermal and warm winter clothing, my winter boots are working a treat and all being well we will make the most of this cold fluffy stuff.

Visiting several parks and getting outside into the fresh air, playing on swings and searching for Hawthorne bushes

Enjoying spectator sports. We’ve seen the All Blacks annihilate the American Eagles, Notre Dame lose twice and enjoyed some dancing.

Found good cheese – you have no idea how exciting this is!

We’ve been meeting our new town and learning what it has to offer, finding new places, eating exciting foods, discovering local wildlife and visiting various attractions.

We’ve finally discovered the secret to making amazing waffles! Buy a waffle maker… we’ve dabbled with waffle irons in the past and they are tricksy to get right. But this waffle maker has changed our Sunday breakfasts.

As always we are loving trying new things, being in a shiny new place but have been thinking of home and enjoying catching up with friends. We are looking forward to some exiting adventures to round of 2014 with style as its been one heck of a year.

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