The Pumpkin spice candle

Kiwi and I don’t have many candles, we don’t really get them. I’ve seen a crazy amount of Yankee candles, but I don’t really get the point of them, sometimes they look pretty, but I don’t like the smell, too overpowering, and they tend to gather dust. Unless of course they fit onto my candelabra so I can pretend I’m in a medieval castle…

We have one candle in our house. Its quite a special candle, this candle has travelled a really long way.


So far on its journey its racked up an impressive 9,000 air miles. Not bad going! The candle was brought by Mr Kiwi himself. We took a trip to India a few years ago when we did some volunteer work for a cricket charity, Big Shot Cricket. We spent 10 days in Hyderabad and had a fantastic time eating local food, seeing sights and coaching 100’s of children cricket. The trip was fantastic and deserves a whole post to itself. Whilst on that trip we went to FabIndia, an upmarket Indian store that sells everything, clothes, household goods, and lost of exciting things. This place was like an Aladdin’s treasure trove of amazing things, I can still remember the smell and the utterly amazing array of fabrics!

I brought some great clothes, a blanket, jewellery and many trinkets and bits and pieces to bring home. Kiwi brought this candle. He’s not sure why, but he wanted to pick something and this candle came in a tin! It came back to the UK with us and took up residence on a windowsill. Its never been opened, I don’t think we even like the smell of pumpkin spice, and now it would somehow seem wrong. The candle has travelled to different houses with us and steadfastly refused to be broken or bent despite many murderous intents by the cats, it has even sailed over to the states. Whilst sorting through our impressive amount of stuff we kept a few things that reminded us of happy and silly times. It now it sits on our coffee table looking lovely, I’d like to think it’ll rack up some more air miles yet.



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