A glorious day out

SO this is more of a nostalgic post, I’m re-living/day dreaming about days gone past, as we are approaching our first thanksgiving over the pond and Christmas is nearly upon us I’m missing home a little. Not that I’d be doing anything that much different day to day, I’m likely to have been on a few more trains and eaten a few more roasts. But as I look out the window all I can see is snow, more snow and shopping malls, its too early to crack out the sloe gin and Buble, so I’m remembering green rolling hills, Cotswold towns and dreaming spires. Here’s what I would have been doing a few months ago.

I fell in love with Oxford the moment I set my eyes on it. I visited for University and looked around some of the campuses, amongst other universities there were other campuses that were way more cooler, that had more activities, that had different degrees, but Oxford captivated me. It felt right. Those dreaming spires, rolling hills and expansive wide open green spaces. I’m beginning to notice a pattern here. Oxford is a very small and compact city, Bustling with a million things to do, a fantastic art scene, music, night life, activities and yet full with individuality, quirky cafĂ©’s, beautiful buildings, independent stores, and distinct areas. When you first arrive in Oxford you notice there are bicycles everywhere, and I mean everywhere, parked on the street, up a tree, weaving in and out of buses.

I adore Cowley road, where you can pretty much pick up any type of food you can imagine, whilst popping into vintage and thrift stores, independent music stores – they still exist! The Phoenix picture house, G&Ds, and Marios. Somehow Starbucks and the Pancake house just aren’t the same.

My favourite day trip, starting from the plain I’d wander along into town, watching people punting, reminiscing on choir boys on May day, -it’s a crazy Oxford tradition, turning left just after the botanical gardens and wandering through Christchurch meadow. See a meadow in the centre of the city, how could I not love this place. This brings you out on St Aldates, where you can either turn left to the head of the river and a lovely walk up the Thames and Isis, or right passed G&Ds and the town hall. Taking a left down Queen st gives you all your shopping needs, If you fancy a detour through Bonn square to the castle where there are loads of places to eat. I’d take New inn st towards Gloucester road market and make a right up St Michaels st stopping at the Nosebag for lunch. So so yummy! I’d then wander up ship street pass the Radcliffe camera to St Mary’s church. I love going up the tower, the steps are narrow and step but the views are some of the best in Oxford. You can nosy at some of the colleges and wander what people are doing. I’d then wander down Parks road to the natural history Museum and Pitt rivers museum – its full of all sorts of treasures and shrunken heads. I like the dinosaur bones! And if the day was long I’d go lie and read in University parks. I’d also pop over to Burford for cake and visit the Cotswold Wildlife park, but that’s another day all unto itself! Ah hopefully the sun will come back soon, but whilst there is snow everywhere I’ll be looking into some ski-ing options. It would be a waste not too!


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